Merkaba Meditation

Anxiety is an inescapable part of life. It’s difficult not to feel the consequences of this constant stress no matter how old you are or how you manage your day-to-day activities. The good news is that committing to a daily meditation practice can effectively reduce anxieties and woes. 

Meditation has been practiced for many decades, but not all practices use the same approach. Some techniques are more widespread and popular such as mindfulness, but they all have one purpose: to promote stillness through mind training. Merkaba meditation allows you to recharge your energy and become fully alive. 

What is Merkaba Meditation?

Merkaba meditation is an energy technique that empowers you to reach your highest potential. The name ‘Merkaba’ may sound unusual, yet it is a natural human element and reflects depth, wonder, and love. 

Merkaba Meditation conditions you to be aware of the energy around you, and it teaches several methods of managing respiratory and organismal systems. Merkaba Meditation allows you to remain calm, recharge, and improve your overall health. It has a direct impact on both the body and the soul.

What Is Merkaba Energy?

The idea of Merkaba meditation practice is based on the concept of energy. Merkaba features two electromagnetic fields depending on the Law of Gender. One of the electrical spirals is male, while the other is female. In this sense, energy is more than just mechanical. Merkaba energy is a living energy that can be guided by thoughts and feelings.

Merkaba is one of the world’s most powerful forms of energy, which can cure both the body and soul. The proper balance of Merkaba energy may not only help you understand yourself, but the entire universe. You can send and receive a higher degree of source energy vibrations when you have balanced Merkaba energy.

18 Breath Merkaba Meditation

Although Merkaba meditation can appear to be a difficult practice, and while everyone’s experience may differ, it is in fact quite simple. Merkaba meditation involves 18 different breaths.

Breaths 1 – 6: Achieving Balance

As you inhale, try to open your heart as much as possible, expressing your love for all living things. Sit on the floor in a traditional meditation position. Place your hands in the classic meditation pose known as the Gyan, with your palms facing up and the tips of your index fingers touching the tips of your thumbs.

The first and second breaths involve breathing through the nose, then the stomach, diaphragm, and chest. Hold for seven seconds before exhaling, relaxing the chest and abdomen.

You may experience a tingling sensation down your spine, signaling that it’s time to switch to the second breath. Repeat the same steps for the second breath, this time with the tips of your thumbs touching the tips of your index fingers. Touch the tips of your third fingers for the third breath.

Use the same approach with the fourth breath, again this time by touching the tips of your fourth fingers. When you reach the fifth breath, repeat the breathing exercise with the tips of your index fingers. Then repeat the second mudra for the sixth breath.

Breath 7: Gaining Pranic Energy

Inhale deeply as you enter breath seven without holding your breath, feeling the love in your heart. With your palms facing up, softly touch your thumb to both your first and second fingers on both hands.

Visualize a tube going vertically from above your head to below your feet during this breath. Try to feel like the energy from the tube’s top spreads to your belly button. Then from your belly button to the tube’s bottom, feel the energy transfer to your feet.

Breath 8 – 13: More Pranic Energy

When you reach breath eight, repeat the last breath and mudra, inhaling naturally and without stopping. During this breath, the energy at your navel should expand, reaching its maximum size as you gently exhale. The mudra and breathing method for the ninth breath should be the same.

The pranic energy should expand even more. With breath ten, the inhaling process and mudra should continue with its rhythm. However, as you inhale, the energy within the tube reaches its maximum capacity and transforms into an extremely brilliant, white ball.

Seal your lips together and release air with pressure.

The ball of energy should reach the end of your fingertips as you exhale, enveloping your entire body in dazzling, white light. Continue the same method and mudra on the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth breaths. Feel the energy in the tube you’re envisioning go up and down before settling in your navel area.

Breath 14: Switching Mudras

As you inhale and feel the love in your heart, imagine transferring the energy from your navel to your sternum.

Now, switch mudras. A woman’s right palm should be placed on her left. A man’s left palm should be placed on his right. Feel the energy lengthen and transfer to your sternum.

Breath 15 – 18: Spin, Stabilize, and Speed Up Your Merkaba

It takes a lot of practice for some people to get to this stage. You may see a bright light, feel certain energy, or experience other physical sensations throughout your body. For these last four breaths, place your right palm on your left palm if you identify as a woman, or your left palm on your right palm if you identify as a man.

Begin spinning your Merkaba for the fifteenth breath. Your Merkaba’s pyramid figures should be rotating in opposing directions. The male tetrahedron rotates in the opposite direction from the female tetrahedron.

Inhale the same way you did for breath fourteen. Slowly exhale while applying pressure to the escaping air by pursing your lips together. As you do so, the pyramids should begin to rotate faster.

The breathing method and mudra for breaths sixteen and seventeen should be the same. At the same time, the tetrahedrons should be spinning faster and faster. Despite spinning in opposing directions, the speed of these geometric shapes should be the same.

Some people think there are only seventeen Merkaba meditation breaths, while others believe there is one additional breath. Regardless of which camp you may be in, the result should allow you to feel a heightened sense of self-awareness and happiness during the final breath.


Merkaba connects you to a higher level of self-consciousness. It empowers you to have a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. It can help you live a better life and that is all that matters. Give Merkaba meditation a try and experience its benefits for yourself.

Merkaba meditation is a balanced technique that allows people to access both their feminine and masculine energies. It allows people to be intuitive and rational or active and receptive. People who practice Merkaba meditation regularly experience reduced stress, relief from physical and emotional suffering, and the capacity to remember long-lost memories.