Astral Projection Meditation: Expand

Have you been curious about astral projection meditation and how to practice this effectively? Perhaps you have heard someone you know speak about astral projection and would like to know more? Or maybe you’ve experienced astral projection yourself and would like to understand more of what you experienced and how to return to this space? 

Regardless of what brought you here, we will work together to bring you to a level of full understanding and aptitude within the realms of astral projection meditation. It is an exciting journey to be sure! Understanding and practicing astral projection meditation will bring an entirely new perspective into your meditation practice. It’s an ‘unreal’ concept for most people – to energetically exit your body and travel across the expanses of space and time. To learn this technique is available to everybody – to master it is up to you. 

astral projection meditation

Astral projection meditation is to intentionally exit your body with your energy or your ‘spirit’ and travel to places known and unknown to our Universe. This experience can happen entirely on accident – which is the easiest way but unfortunately, there is no way to accidentally do something on purpose. Astral projection can also happen intentionally but it will require a certain mindset or thought pattern that you will want to adopt to allow the astral projection to happen. This concept can be frightening and you may be unsuccessful in your attempts at first. Don’t let this frustrate you! It is good to spend time meditating each day on mindfulness to prepare your Self for the eventuality of astral projection.

Where Do I Start? 

Mindfulness meditation is a good place to begin when diving into the world of astral projection. Mindfulness is a beginner’s meditation technique that is easy to learn yet difficult to master. To be mindful is to be present in this moment and to be aware of and experience the delight of Life. 

To practice this you will want to sit or lie down in a position that is comfortable for you and simply focus on your breath. Your attention may wander to different thoughts…this is completely normal! Just remind yourself to return your attention to your breath and repeat this as many times as necessary. 

It is good to spend 5-20 minutes in this space before engaging in any work regarding astral projection. If you are going to attempt astral projection right now I would heavily advise meditating on mindfulness for 20 minutes minimum beforehand. This will allow you to enter what is referred to as a hypnagogic state.

A hypnagogic state is where your conscious energy is connected to both the conscious and unconscious realm simultaneously. You are…passing through the veil…so to speak. This is the space a shaman would be through meditation before enacting any healing practices or ceremonies.

Also, if you have never meditated before then it would be good to start with mindfulness meditation until you are comfortable with the idea of your spiritual Self leaving your body. This may take 20 minutes or 20 days until you are fully comfortable.

It is also a good idea to have a good meditation cushion in order to hold a constant meditation space in your home. This will help to subtly remind you to meditate every day while also relieving any aches and pains that may be hindering you from reaching a 20-minute meditation session. You can also check out our Useful Meditation Gear if you are working towards creating your own personalized meditation space!

What Exactly is Astral Projection Meditation?  

Have you ever woken up from a dream feeling like you were falling over…just to find out that you were actually lying down in your bed? This is a good place to begin when trying to understand astral projection meditation. Essentially, astral projection is when you experience your “spirit” or “energy” leaving your body. It is what has been termed an “out-of-body” experience by many. Astral projection is also talked about in regards to lucid dreaming – the practice of dreaming where the dreamer is aware that they are in a dream. 

When you are in the dream world – you are on a different plane than our real existence. Therefore, when you dream consciously…you are astral projecting! Understanding this connection will help your mind visualize and interpret the experience more easily while we practice astral projection meditation. 

Also, I would say that it is rather unimportant if you have an out of body experience intentionally or unintentionally. Being out of your body, spiritually, is astral projection. You are projecting your ‘Self’ …astrally. The current debate in the world of meditation is that an out of body experience happens unintentionally, whereas astral projection is intentional. 

Honestly, I have astrally projected unintentionally and intentionally and I would say that they are the same. Sometimes astral projecting will feel more dreamy especially when you are practicing around the time of bed. This is where lucid dreaming starts to play hand in hand with astral projection.

Is Astral Projection Meditation Dangerous? 

There is a lot of myths and rumors around the dangers of astral projection that are all borne of fear. Fear of Death, fear of the Unknown, fear from lack of experience. Just fear. The reality is that you are engaging in something unknown and otherworldly. This is why it is so so very important to ensure you are entirely absent of fear before you begin the practice. 

The talk in meditation communities generally leads towards the answer of “No, you cannot die from having your energetical cord severed while you are projecting.” To me, I cannot see this as being true. Not that it’s false, either. We just don’t know. If someone were astrally projecting and then die from a paranormal entity attacking their spiritual Self…well they would just look like they died of natural causes to us. 

But do not let the fear-mongering of the weak-minded individuals sway you from your path. Remember to spend the time meditating on mindfulness each day until you are absent of fear. And remember! Each night that you dream you are astrally projecting. It is already a natural occurrence happening to you – we are just simply trying to hone and fine-tune your experience into something more useful and practical. 

What about Sleep Paralysis?

Another common fear of astral projection that is worth mentioning is sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is something beginning students of lucid dreamers are terrified of and this fear will usually cross over into the world of astral projection students. 

Defining sleep paralysis would look something like this: Being conscious and unaware but unable to move your physical body in the moments before falling asleep or upon waking up. 

Throughout history, some endless fables and stories speak of terrifying demons that torture hapless humans in the darkest of nights. Aghh!

So, the fear of sleep paralysis seems to be perfectly natural.

But! Do not be alarmed. If you happen to experience sleep paralysis you are right on the cusp of astrally projecting. Science will say that your body is not processing the stages of sleep properly but would also say that there are no underlying psychiatric issues related to sleep paralysis. 

So… keep practicing! If sleep paralysis happens it can be uncomfortable but do not let it frighten you. Have you been noticing a trend here? Be free of fear! Be brave! Resolution! Determined and diligent! 

 It is up to YOU if you are afraid or excited. Each moment, whatever you choose, will set the path for your experience…and your Life!

How to Practice Astral Projection Meditation

Now we are in a good headspace where you have a decent grasp on what astral projection meditation is and how to prepare yourself for the experience. So, how do you do it? After you have spent time (hours, days, or weeks) preparing yourself and you feel that you are completely free of fear…then you are ready. Are you ready? Ok, good. 

This video will provide a nice, ambient release for you and also guide you through your distresses and fears towards a successful astral projection meditation experience: 

The key to maintaining an out of body experience is to remain calm. Once you become stressed and animated you will instantly be returned to your body. It is just how it is.

When you begin in this practice it is important to find a technique that suits you best to enter into a hypnagogic state. I find mindfulness to be the easiest – you simply empty your mind and allow your thoughts to be thoughts. Allow this meditation to continue until you can feel the presence of the veil around you…you are in the veil. 

It is easier to explain this feeling as a sense of calm. When you feel calm and content, then you are here. 

The Step by Step…by Step

As we dive into the steps of astral projection meditation it’s important to understand that your mind must be able to believe that astral projection can happen. So, essentially, the practice of astral projection meditation is training your mind to understand and accept astral projection as a real possibility. This will turn into a process that allows your mind to accept the fact that you can astrally project and then… you will!

A popular technique to practice astral projection meditation is a technique introduced by Robert “Bob” Monroe. His book, Journeys Out of the Body, is a great piece of literature to start with in regards to learning more about astral projection. 

We will be covering Monroe’s technique for astral projection because it is welcoming and considered a good starting place for a new student. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Relax Your Body

If you have taken the time to prepare properly then your body should already be relaxed and entering into a hypnagogic state. It is good to focus your attention here and relax each part of your body. Scan your body, mentally. Start with your head, and relax it. Then focus on your neck, and relax it. 

Do this all the way down your body. To your arms, hands and fingers, Your torso, abdomen, and legs. Relax each part of your body. Breathe. 

Step 2: Move Closer to Dream state 

When you are sleeping and in dream state, you are not meditating. Do not fall asleep. Simply allow your mind to be restful and allow your body to follow suit. You may feel sleepy here, and this is ok. Just remain awake. But allow the whispers of this dream state to exist in your mind while you maintain lucidity. 

Step 3: Enhance

Do nothing. Your body may wish to move, but do not listen. Remain still. Your mind may wish to wander. This is ok. Gently return your mind to the present moment. Sit and sit still. Breathe. Simply observe the darkness from your closed eyes. 

Interesting perceptions can occur here. I have personally been able to see the room I’m meditating in as if my eyes were open. This was a result of 8-12 hours of meditation a day for months on end. Don’t be dismayed if your results are not this intense! But know that it can become this intense.

And breathe. 

You may perceive different lights and sounds. These are just distractions that I would advise you to ignore. At this stage, you may begin to lose the sense of feeling in different parts of your body. This is good. Allow this sensation to continue and feed into it. For me, the sensation of my hands and arms are the first to disappear when I reach this point. 

It is similar to the feeling of a limb being asleep…but you are aware of it. This is what you are going for. You want your body to fall asleep…but be aware of it. 

Step 4: Vibrations

This is where things become important. The reason I say this is because the sensation of vibrations is your exit point. Somewhere on your body, you will feel the absolute strongest vibrational sensation and this will be the exact point you will exit your body from, energetically.

For me, I feel the vibration on the temple point of my cranium, on the left side. My first astral projection experience was entirely by accident. I went to lie down in bed and to go to sleep but…suddenly…there is this buzzing, vibrating sensation on my left temple point. I pay attention to it…while lying still. Nothing happened this night, and I fell asleep.

The next night I lie down…the same vibration occurs in the left temple of my cranium. I, again, focus on the vibration. For some reason, inexplicable, I focus in on the vibration more intensely and for more time. After some time has passed I suddenly exited out through my left temple point and am suddenly flying out my bedroom window and across the city of Boise, Idaho into Meridian. I ended up in the outer reaches of the Universe and looked up to see a holobeam of an alien spacecraft that has captured me and was pulling me towards it and… *SNAP* …back to reality. 

Back in my bed. Back in my body. Your vibrational sensations may populate in different areas of your body than the left temple point of your cranium. This is ok. The key here is to focus on these points of vibrational sensations when you are deep within the hypnagogic state. This is why we induce the hypnagogic (near dream state) mindset through meditation to successfully activate intentional astral projection.

Step 5: Begin Separation

Here is where the process will become more specific to you. Perhaps you are like me…with only a singular point of vibration on one point of your body to focus on. Perhaps the entirety of your arms are lost in this subtle vibration. Or your entire body.

Depending on where the vibration exists and does not exist will guide you on where to focus your attention. If you have vibrational sensations in a singular point – focus on this singular point. If you feel vibrations over your entire body – focus your energy on your entire body. Feeeeel the vibrational energy. 

The sensation of vibrations are your exit point. 

Focus on the vibration and allow your mental energy to follow this vibration if it changes the position on your body. 

Step 6: Complete Separation

Now that you are here, with gentle, subtle vibrations reverberating through your body – separate. Appreciate and accept the subtle vibrations happening within you. Learn them…spend time here! Learn how they feel and how these vibrations react with your Self. 

Recognize your sleeping body. Allow it to be. Now, imagine yourself outside of your body. Imagine that you are simply watching your sleeping body. Just observing. Imagine you are watching your Self. Observe. 

Stay in this space for a while. Imagine that you are outside of your Self, watching your Self…sitting. Just sitting peacefully and almost asleep. Observe.

Return Home

At this point, you will either fall asleep or astrally project. It is hard to determine at what point one or the other happens. They are so obscured through the veil that they are almost the same when we are talking about it. So, if you are not successful at the level you wish to be at…repeat this practice. Repeat this daily until you are at the level you see yourself to be at. 

You should now feel yourself returning to your body. Your consciousness is aware of each limb and each appendage of your body. You return home. 

Now that you are back it is good to rest a moment. Just allow Life to be what it is around you. The next best action at this moment is to begin journaling your experience. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all the details! Just recite on paper what you do remember. It is a beautiful thing to return to and read…years later. 

Trust me! There are lessons in your meditation that will only become clear to you as time passes by and you experience Life just a little bit more. This is why it is important to journal!

The Bigger Picture

It is important to understand that this experience will be different for each and every one of you. There is a bigger picture to understand here. Allow yourself to become the Observer. This is not you but instead the energy that is observing you. 

This will help you in successfully astrally projecting. Who you are is not your body. It is not your spirit. Your energy. It is not your name, your bank account, or your status. It is nothing that is yours because what is yours belongs to you. So, who are you

For myself, I try and relate closely to my consciousness. I feel that this part of my Self is most disassociated from my body and allows me to view situations of my life most objectively. 

Practice this but return here if you begin to feel lost. I will always be available to help guide you through any uncertainties or hindrances if I can. 

And We Return…

…back to our bodies and back into the beginning, hypnagogic stages of astral projection meditation. From here you may wish to indulge in the works of Journeys out of the Body with Bob Monroe and become more intricately involved with the secrets of astral projection. If you are having trouble maintaining consistency in your practice remember to get a good meditation cushion that will hold your meditation space for you. This will help!

Remember to meditate on mindfulness until you are completely absent of fear before attempting to astrally project. The presence of fear can cause anomalies that you wouldn’t desire to occur. Focus on becoming excited about the eventuality of exploring the outer dimensions of your physical world! Focus on this and meditate well, my friends.  

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  1. Thanks for the write up. It had good, general information. With that said, mindfulness meditation is good for the relaxing portion leading to AP. It is not the appropriate meditation when it is time to actually project, however, because it’s focus is too body oriented, and AP requires dissociation from the body. A meditation along the lines of void meditation that leads to free-flow hypnogogia, or single-point mediation that can pull consciousness directly into a projection, is more on point for the actual projection process; consciousness must refocus away from the physical in order to project.


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