Root Chakra Meditation Script: Root for Your Self!

This root chakra meditation script is intended to ground you and balance you. When you learn about your 7 chakras you will learn that your root chakra, the Muladhara, is the chakra located at the base of the other chakras. It generally serves as a foundation for the rest of your chakras.

Have you heard of the root chakra and are curious about how to effectively balance your root chakra? Perhaps you are familiar with the 7 chakras and are curious about how to balance them all and wish to start at your roots? Or are you looking for a meditation script to guide you along while you balance your root chakra? Regardless of what brought you here, by the end, we will have you ready and able to balance your root chakra all by yourself!

root chakra meditation script

The root chakra is located at the perineum and encompasses the pelvic floor and the first three vertebrae in your spine. Muladhara is the combination of two Sanskrit words (India’s ancient language). Mula meaning ‘root’. Adhara meaning the ‘base’ or ‘support’. The root chakra feeds our senses of security, safety, and stability. It is the spiritual foundation of our being. It is important to balance and maintain your positive energy that is coursing through this chakra. The reason being is that it will support and feed all your other chakras. Each chakra is important, but if you haven’t had any experience in balancing your chakras then your root chakra is a perfect place to start. 

Why is My Root Chakra Important? 

As the root chakra is known as the foundation of your Self, it is important to have a firm, solid foundation. Spending time meditating with your root chakra, and getting to understand how it feels when it is flowing will naturally feed the foundation necessary to enhance your spiritual growth. 

A balanced root chakra will yield results in your life around your basic necessities; food, water, shelter, safety. Also, your emotional needs; to be accepted and to belong. Muladhara governs survival. This is similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which engages a more scientific perspective on reaching enlightenment, or “self-actualization”.

All these necessities need to be present in your life so you can grow and evolve. This is why it is important to spend time meditating on your root chakra and intentionally constructing your spiritual foundation in order to evolve exponentially. Yes, this is the goal! We are growing. We are evolving.

How Do I Know if My Root Chakra Is Imbalanced? 

A strong and healthy root chakra will reflect that in your physical personality. You tend to express strong will, high vitality, and a high level of energy. You get these done and you are happy doing it.

The imbalanced root chakra is generally what sends people in search of help in the first place. Depression and utter lack of motivation. Working to pay the bills but broke every payday anyways. Disregard for Life. Constant complaining. Erratic and regrettable behavior. Bi-polar. Homelessness.

Hungry. Bad habits and poor vices. Unsupportive environment. Disconnected relationships with one’s parents or children. 

All of these things point towards an imbalanced root chakra.

Healing the Root Chakra

So, how to heal this? The key element of the root chakra, to me, is that it is most connected to the physical reality that we experience. Of course, our meditation practice and guidance will help heal the chakra, but it is always good to know the ins and outs of making your practice the most effective. 

What I am about to explain could be understood metaphorically as a sort of protein shake to your work out. Meditation is the workout. Understanding is the enhancer (the protein!).

So, to begin healing your root chakra and to build a strong healthy foundation for your Self; begin exercising! A trick? Stretch. There is this very odd thing that happens when you stretch. Stretching will invariably lead to exercising. It’s crazy, I know. But it’s true! So instead of waking up in the morning and giving up on going to the gym…just do your stretches. Every morning. The exercise will happen, I promise. Stretching makes you want to exercise.

What else?

Other things that can help heal your root chakra are things like walking meditation. This is simply being mindful or fully present in the moment while you walk. It is good to do this barefoot in nature, preferably. This practice is called earthing and I can personally tell you it is very powerful. Just being barefoot on the earth is literally creating a direct exchange between you and Mother Earth. 

Example: Your feet will turn brown from the dirt of the earth as you leave behind the skin cells of your feet in the path that you walk. A direct exchange.

Other practices that can help you heal your root chakra would include things like:

  • Practicing yoga
  • Creating a garden or nurturing plants and animals. Being a provider; caretaker.
  • Connect with your parents and examine the relationship there. Connect with your siblings, if you have, and examine the relationship there. Connect with your children, if you have, and examine the relationship there. Communicate with your family.
  • Clean your house. Put things in order. That thing in your mind that you are putting off but you know you need to do…. Do it. Right now.
  • Accept and love your neighbors. Make peace with them if there is a disconnect there. 
  • Bring about pleasant fragrances into your environment. This can be your favorite incense or essential oil, but my personal favorite will always be the succulent sensation of palo santo.

Lam Mantra

Chanting the Lam mantra is another aspect of healing your Muladhara chakra that we will be practicing. You can check out our Beginner’s Meditation Handbook if you are unfamiliar with mantras, but mantras are essentially a word or group of words that you repeat. It is similar to chanting affirmations like “I am healthy, happy, and strong”, for example. 

I guess you could say that the difference between an affirmation and a mantra is simply the esoteric value of chanting words in an ancient language with some meaning (mantra) vs actually knowing what it is that you are saying (affirmation). Ha! Isn’t that the truth, though?

But more specifically… the Lam mantra is used in the cleansing and balancing of your root chakra. Chanting the vibration of Lam will cleanse impurities in your root chakra bringing you a sense of balance, security, and protection. This mantra will also help remove blockages in the chakra to allow energy to flow to your other 6 chakras.


Visualization is a deeper version of chanting affirmations. You are using imagery instead of using the power of words to manifest what you desire. You will simply hold these images within your mind’s eye and you will want to focus on manifesting these images daily.  

The key to visualization is to imagine yourself already having that which you desire most. And visualizing these desires consistently. If you desire abundance, imagine yourself with abundance around you. What does this look like? Feel like? And taste like? It can be helpful to journal these things when you begin visualizing your desires during meditation. 

What you focus on…you attract!

Root Chakra Meditation Script

Now we will move into the actual guided meditation for healing your root chakra. You may wish to record this script so you can play it back to yourself while meditating. Alternatively, you can follow along with this guided root chakra meditation video: 

The following script is intended to be a guide for you to be able to follow on your own while healing your root chakra. As you go along with the meditation and the chanting of mantras you may notice subtle changes that you would like to make to the practice. This is good! Act on them! These subtle changes will arise in the form of thoughts like “I would rather say this or be like this instead.” 

If you have a thought like this, do it. Make the change! Follow your flow.

*Note* There will be sections of this script that has excerpts installed for informational purposes only. Any sentences or words that begin with [do not record] and end with [do not record] should be excluded from your root chakra meditation script recording!

The Guide

Make sure you are in a location that is peaceful and quiet. Then sit in a position that is comfortable for you. If the floor is uncomfortable, it is ok to sit in a chair. Make sure your spine is straight. 

It is also ok to do any meditation while lying flat on your back. If you choose this method just make sure you don’t fall asleep! 

It is important to stay completely still during meditation. However, if you find that you do need to move, it is ok to move but try to be slow and mindful in your movements.

Allow your thoughts to happen. Do any ritual that you find brings you peace or into a calm state of mind. This can be aromas like incense or essential oils or different sounds, like that of a meditation singing bowl


[start recording]

The Script

Allow your eyes to gently close into a half-closed position or fully-closed position. Focus your attention on your breath. Notice the natural rhythm and flow of your breath.

Notice your chest riiiiiiiise and faaaaaaall with each breath. 

Let us spend some time focusing on your breath. Just relax. If you find your mind wandering to other thoughts, gently remind yourself to return to the action of your breath. 

Allow your breath to fill the empty cavity of your lungs, naturally. Then allow it to release as naturally as possible. Do not force your breath. Just breathe. 

Now we will take in three deep breaths. 


Breath In 

_______pause_______ (0-1 seconds)

Breath Out

_______pause_______ (0-1 seconds)

Breath In 

_______pause_______ (0-1 seconds)

Breath Out

_______pause_______ (0-1 seconds)

Breath In

_______pause_______ (0-1 seconds)

Breath Out

_______pause_______ (0-1 seconds)

Breath In


Return your attention to your breath once again. Notice the natural rhythm of your breathing as you exhale.

Now take in one deeeeeeeeep breath. As you are inhaling you imagine the purest, silvery-white light filling the entire essence of your being. Breathe deeeep into your belly and exhale through your chest. 

See this white light energy channeling into you from the heavens. Allow it to fill all aspects of your existence. Imagine each cell of your body being filled and rejuvenated with this pure, white light. 

As you exhale, feel all the stress and tensions of your day to day life release into the universe. Let go of these things which no longer serve you. 

Let go.

Going Deeper

As you notice this white light coursing through your being… through your crown and down your spine, your arms, your chest, and belly. Down through your legs into your feet. You notice that this white light permeates every cell of your body. 

Now, bring your attention to the base of your spine. You will notice a small ball of white light here. This is the Kundalini, which is ancient energy that is coiled and dormant at the base of your spine. Focus your attention here. On the Kundalini.

As you move your attention here, see your Muladhara chakra begin to open up. Imagine her like a flower with her petals opening outward to greet the lumination of the sun. As she opens up, you find the rich ruby-red color of the Muladhara shining through and coalescing with the white light at the base of your spine.  

As the Muladhara is emanating this serene, safe ruby light you can also feel the light begin to envelop you. Encompass you. Imagine the ruby-red light coursing through your being, then meeting with, and becoming… the white light present within you. 

Imagine the ruby-red light exits your body. It is now floating inside and outside of you as an aura. Notice as you spend time here and you feel safe and secure


Spend time allowing the aura of the Muladhara to heal you. Take control of the red energy and send it intentionally through different areas of your body. Move the light down through your crown and filling the space in your head.

Move down through your neck, into your shoulders, and down your arms into your palms. Focus the light on each of your fingertips and then back up your arms and through your shoulders.

Bring the healing light across the expanse of your chest and back again. Remember to breathe as the light travels through your body. Bring the light down through your chest, into your belly and down into your pelvic region. 

Sweep the light down your legs and into your feet. Allow the light to exit your feet and connect down to the core of Mother Earth.


Chanting Lam

[do not record] Pro Tip: Allow your breathing to be natural, here. We will breathe in and out naturally, three times, and then we will begin the chant. You may wish to whisper the chant, repeat it silently, or audibly. [do not record]

As you breathe, breathe the air into your belly. Allow your belly to fill completely as you breathe.


Breathe In…


Breathe Out…


Breathe In…


Breathe Out…


Breathe In…


Breathe Out…


Breathe in for Chant…



Breathe in for Chant…



Breathe in for Chant…


[do not record] (Continue for approximately two minutes or until you feel the need to stop) [do not record]

Positive Affirmations

[do not record] As you end your chanting you bring your attention back to the ruby-red aura of the Muladhara. 

With the following affirmations, you may choose to chant them silently or audibly. Repeat these affirmations [do not record]:

I am connected with Mother Earth

I am grounded and centered

I belong

I am accepted

I trust and love my Life

I am financially free and secure

I am supported by the Universe and Life around me

I experience abundance in me and around me

I experience prosperity in me and around me

[do not record] Repeat these affirmations as many times as you feel necessary. [do not record]

Walk Your Path

Now that your Muladhara chakra is abundant and open we will now begin the visualization process that will continue the opening and balancing of your root chakra. Focus now as we begin in the process of visualization to help open and restore your root chakra.

Begin now, by imagining yourself in a beautiful, expansive field. The grass and poppies are waving to and fro with the swaying breeze. You take a deep breath and feel the embrace of the sun’s warmth, caressing and welcoming you. You peer up at her, shielding your eyes from her illuminating brilliance. You smile. 

The birds sing a tune as you turn your gaze to the impressive snow-capped mountain sitting in the distance. You feel drawn to this mountain and you begin taking steps toward her in rhythm with Nature’s Song happening around you. 

You feel the earth touching the soles of your bare feet as you walk towards the mountain. Feeling more connected with each step… each step….

Each step.

As you approach the mountain you acknowledge and appreciate the glorious beauty of Life happening around you. You witness the massive trunks of oak trees cascading into existence throughout the tangle of wildlife around you. You see the abundance of raw beauty existing within the vibrant reds and yellows of the delightful wildflowers all about you.



Appreciate this. 

The Entrance

As you appreciate the beauty of Life around you, you suddenly notice a small opening within the grove of oak trees you are exploring. It is an entrance into the mountain and as you peer in, with one hand on the opening of the cave, you notice a subtle red light peering back at you from the darkness. 

You step in. On this first step, you feel a wave of understanding wash freely over you as you become enveloped in the darkness of the cave. You step closer towards the red light. Deeper…

…and deeper. 

As you step deeper inside, you notice the sounds of the songbirds are disappearing into the distance. The cool, tranquil energy of the cave whispers and dances around you, welcoming you in. You feel safe. Secure. Home. 

The walls are high. They are reflective and smooth to the touch. You notice that the walls reach up towards each other to form a peak in the ceiling of the space. At this peak, you notice a small hint of sunlight peeking through. 

Your eyes follow this ray of sunlight down to where it splashes a brilliant display of ruby-red light onto the massive rock in the center of the room. As you approach the rock you notice it is flat on the surface. A perfect place to sit.

You sit here. Sitting cross-legged happens naturally and easily for you. 


As you sit upon the rock you feel the ruby-red light radiate down through the crown of your head. Sit and feel this beautiful, warm light permeate each and every cell of your body. You accept and appreciate this healing. You also feel the security of Mother Earth’s presence as she courses through you from Her core, to the rock, and into you.

And you sit here. You feel the divine illumination of the universe coursing through your crown and the serene strength of Mother Earth coursing through your roots. As you feel this you begin to feel like part of the mountain that you are in. Part of the rock. Part of Mother Earth.

And you sit here.





We are together…

We are One.

You notice the ruby-red brilliance of your Muladhara chakra begins spinning clockwise. In perfect motion. Your Muladhara chakra at your perineum is fully open and abundant and alive. Listen to her as she whispers to you now. 

Feel her as she awakens.


Take a deep breath in now…

And inhaaaaaale. 

Feel the red light of Muladhara coursing up the vertebrae of your spine. As you sit, feel Mother Earth working intricately throughout the entirety of your being. Feel her. Accept her. Love her.

Now breathe.


Feel the divine universal light piercing through your crown and flooding down your spine and feeding into Muladhara. Nurturing and nourishing her. 

Spend some time here, now. As much as you need…there is no rush. Spend time here and recognize that everything is ok. You are safe. You are secure. You are needed. 

I am safe. I am secure. I am needed.

When you feel the time is right then you may rise from the rock and stand firmly in the earth. Leave the cavern and exit down the path that led you here. Walk away from the mountain and back into the field. 

Now, look back at the mountain. You see the illuminating light of Muladhara still spinning with exuberance. The universal light still shines piercingly through the summit of the mountain. And you see the energy streams of both the Muladhara and the divine universal white light streaming out of the mountain and connected…to you. 

You are connected with Mother Earth and she loves you. 

Now take 3 deep breaths to end our meditation. Allow your inhalation to fill your lungs completely. 



____Pause____ (0-3 seconds)


____Pause____ (0-3 seconds)


____Pause____ (0-3 seconds)


____Pause____ (0-3 seconds)


____Pause____ (0-3 seconds)


[do not record] leave 1-3 minutes of silence here. Or just end the recording if you don’t need the guidance…sometimes it is nice to just spend eternity in this space without feeling the need to come back 🙂 [do not record]

When you are ready, allow your eyes to open naturally. Bring yourself back to consciousness pleasantly and subtly. Move your body slowly and calmly until you are back to your Self, in this world. 

Wonderful! Thank you for listening. 

[end recording]

Back to Your Roots

This root chakra meditation script is intended to help you balance your Muladhara chakra. You will feel safe and secure in the chaos that is Life. Yes, life is chaotic! Life is hard. It is important to recognize, understand, and utilize the tools available to us to lead a prosperous and happy life. I believe meditation to be one of these tools. Keep working! 

And don’t forget your palo santo! The aromatic euphoria from this wood is just so embalming. Ahhhhh, enjoy the experience and meditate well, my friends!

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  1. I found your root chakra meditation powerful iv not been able to see red yet but saw the sphere and the energies within in it , It has bought some things to the surface for me from my past , I recommend this to people THANKYOU ONCE AGAIN


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