White Light Meditation

Through white light meditation, we find an innate ability within us to heal ourselves of all ailments and diseases that may be plaguing us in our lives. Bold statement? Well, through enough experience and proper directional utilization of your energy you will soon find yourself having similar feelings!

Are you seeking to free yourself from disease and ailment in your life? Perhaps you are simply curious about the technique of white light meditation? Are you perhaps already engaged in the practice and not receiving the results you want? Everything will be covered here and I urge you to share your experiences with the community here!

As we connect and share together we will also expand and grow together!

white light meditation

White light meditation is the meditation technique that will guide you through the processes of engaging and activating the powerful healing network within you. Each of our bodies has the capacity and ability to heal itself. The human body is actually quite adept at doing this. Using the white light meditation will allow you to focus your energy into the holy aspect of healing which will expand and purify through your mind, body, and spirit.

How does White Light Meditation work?

White light meditation, or Jyoti Dhyana in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is a meditation practice that allows you to access the natural healing rhythms of your body. Consistently applying this practice into your daily life will help you achieve and sustain your maximum wellness potential.

To address any skepticism, you can take it from a very logical point of view by observing how human thought patterns lead to certain positive or negative habits. Once you have a thought, you may express that thought with your words which will invariably lead to actions.

If you are hungry, you will think of food and how to acquire it and make it and then eating it. And then suddenly, you are! It is the same here. We are focusing our energy inwards and deeply into this white, healing light that embodies us and purifies us. The more we focus on this intense, pure, healing energy the more we manifest ourselves into wholesome and healthy habits.

The magic is all there but the inquisitive thing about magic is once you understand the rules – it´s no longer so magical. It just simply makes sense.

How to Practice White Light Meditation

Practicing white light meditation involves a visualization technique where you focus on seeing the white light above you and visualizing it entering through your crown chakra and coursing through and cleansing each of your 7 chakras.

Before you begin your meditation you will want to sit comfortably. A simple Buckwheat meditation cushion is what I prefer but you can also run through our Useful Meditation Gear to find exactly what you need that works for you.

Each breath you take should be taken with total awareness of the breath. You may follow along with this guided white light meditation to have an audible guide:

I will also walk you through the steps here to give you a complete experience with white light meditation:

1.) Before you start you may wish to put on soft, soothing background music to accompany you throughout your meditation

2.) To begin – sit or lie down in a position that is comfortable for you. Place one of your hands on your solar plexus, right below the chest, and the other on your sacral chakra, where your belly button is.

3.) Allow your eyes to close and turn your attention towards your breath and allow your body to relax as you take the deepest breath that you can.

4.) Inhale through your nose and then release it out your mouth.

5.) Imagine a healing white light that is shining intensely around you and each time you inhale you are inhaling this healing white light of peace and serenity and it floods throughout your entire being.

6.) Exhale the old air, the old worries, stresses, and fears. Exhale the old and inhale the fresh, vibrant, new, white light.

7.) You may imagine this white light to come from the heart of the universe or perhaps it is being channeled through healing hands. Whatever resonates most strongly with you will be perfect.

8.) Allow the white light to enter into your body, right through the top of your head. Let it penetrate through your skin, your bones, organs, and blood. Allow it to pierce and purify each element and cell in your body.

9.) Let the light´s warmth expand through you and penetrate and purify each individual chakra

10.) Start back at the top of your head and guide the white light through each part of your body individually. Through your head, neck, to your arms, your chest, and hips, to your thighs, knees, calves, and feet. Let the Light do its work.

11.) Allow the white light to flow upwards from your feet. Back through your calves, your thighs and up through your stomach and chest. Back to your head, filling your headspace with the white light. Let the light swirl around in your head clockwise and then explode out through the top of your crown.

12.) You may feel a serene, tingly feeling throughout your body. You may see images, different visualizations or experience different auditory sensations. All of these are good things.

13.) Allow any of your negativity or things that no longer serve you – Let them go. Push them into the radiant white light and watch as it dissolves them into nothing.

14.) Welcome the growing lightness in your body as the white light purifies and expunges the darkness within you.

15.) If you are feeling emotional at this spot of healing, it is ok. This is normal. Accept these emotions and allow them to wash through you and release.

16.) As the meditation comes to an end, allow yourself to relax. Feel the warmth and the light within your solar plexus. Place your hands against your solar plexus and feel the energy here. Move your hands in front of your heart in Namaskar Mudra (hands clasped in prayer above the heart) and offer thanks for the practice.

17.) You may rest now. You may sleep.

White Light Meditation Script

Here is a script you can take and adopt as your own. You may wish to memorize this and work with it in your white light meditation or simply record yourself reading it and play it back to yourself while you practice.


A stream of vibrant, white light flows infinitely down from Source and in through the top of my head. I feel the light wash over me as a purifying waterfall, cleansing me of all past worries, fears, and anxieties. The light flows through me as I experience unconditional Love, joy, well-being, and vitality all in the name of the Creator.

The white light shines vibrantly, as vibrant as all the jewels and gems in this world, and reflects all the colors of the rainbow throughout my being. I feel each color strike each individual cell of my body with radiating love and nourishment. I am healing.

I use my breath to breaaathe the stream of light in through my head. It flows through my body enrichening and enlivening me. I breathe this light deep through my body and down through my feet through my soles and into the Mother.

I am creating an immeasurable corridor of light from the Source of Creation through my entire being and deep into the core of Mother Earth. I am becoming the vibrations and the frequencies of the healing white light. When I breathe out the white light I send it´s healing energy out to all of humanity.

The healing light resides within me and circulates through my being cleansing it of any obscurities or impurities that have misconstrued my perception of Love. Old and stagnant energy is instantly eradicated and replaced with the vibrant energy of Life.

From my crown chakra, I breathe the white light deeper into my 3rd eye chakra filling it with Love and Light. I release all that no longer serves me and free my Self from any obstructions blocking me from Light.

I reach out and request the white light to grant me clairvoyance to my inner vision and allow my perspective to expand infinitely.

From here, I breathe the white light down further into my throat chakra. My place of speaking where Truth is uttered. I release all things that impede upon the Truth of who I am. As I breathe out the white light it passes through my throat chakra and releases the Truth into the universe through my voice.

Next, I move the white light down into my heart chakra with my breath. I feel the ultimate expansion at an infinite rate as pure white light pierces and becomes every aspect of my heart. My heart now radiates as a brilliant white sphere of Light and Love.

I am Light.

I now bring the healing white light down through my crown chakra and into my solar plexus chakra, just below the chest but above the belly. I release myself from all limitations and expectations placed upon me externally. I live freely and openly and by my own heart.

I am an expanding pure essence of white light. I breathe this healing white light into, within, and throughout my entire being.

I now breathe this pure, white light down from my crown chakra and into my sacral chakra, just below the navel. I breathe deeply into this space. This is the space I was born from. How I entered into this world. I breathe deeply into this space, nurturing deep respect and a fostering nature towards my inner child.

I again surrender all things that no longer serve me and I surrender all things that obstruct my view of Truth and of Light. I am a conduit for pure, white light and breathe this light into, within, and throughout my entire being.

Now, I breathe the pure, healing, white light down into my root chakra. This grounds me within this reality and provides me with a strong foundation in which to operate from. I feel an ancient connection to Mother Earth and all of my fellow humans. I am pure, white light.

I release all dividing and restricting elements that may be stored here. I breathe the white light into, within, and throughout my entire being.

With each breath, the brilliant white light expands more and more. It surrounds my entire physical body. It is permeating through both my Omega and Alpha chakra outside of my physical form, connecting to my ethereal essence.

Each frequency that vibrates within me that does not serve my Higher Purpose – I release.

I am an expanding pure essence of white light. I breathe this healing white light into, within, and throughout my entire being.

I now breathe the white light through my emotional being. I cleanse and purify all aggravated emotions. I release all stagnant emotions that no longer serve my Higher Purpose. I guide the white light through my entire emotional being as it washes and cleanses through each element.

I breathe out the white light through my Heart Center and out into the Universe.

I am an expanding pure essence of white light. I breathe this healing white light into, within, and throughout my entire being.

As each breath continues the healing white light expands even further. I invoke the healing power of the Light to transform any thought or action that may have been previously limiting into thoughts and actions of great potential and of great production.

I ask the white light to convert all elements of me into Purity and to heal any space that holds my Life signature on it. I ask the white light to cleanse and purify all elements of that which I am. I ask the white light to become melded with me, unified with me.

I am an expanding pure essence of white light. I breathe this healing white light into, within, and throughout my entire being.

The white light is permeating through all my thoughts and transmuting each one to pure, white, vibrant Life energy. I release all ideas that are limiting and obstructing of Truth.

With each breath of white light that I take in, I continue to expand further. The white light permeates through all ethereal and subtle psychic energies that exist from my being. It sweeps and washes through each element of my existence and purifies all.

I breathe deeper into myself and allow the white light to touch my Spirit. It washes through vigorously and cleanses my Spirit of all dark and negative energies that reside there. My Spirit is washed and purified and becomes the essence of white light.

I breathe as the white light enters through into my Higher Self. I recognize and meet my Higher Self who exists in the past, present, and future. As we share in the Light and then become the Light, we expand further.

I breathe out this white light from my heart center to touch all electrons in this Universe with pure, healing white light. I cleanse the Whole.

I consciously expand into my intense presence at this moment. I am presence.

I am an expanding pure essence of white light. I breathe this healing white light into, within, and throughout my entire being. As I breathe out I ask the white light to permanently radiate within me, outside me, and throughout me.

I surrender myself to the Light. I am the Light.


The Benefits of White Light Meditation

By utilizing the practice of white light meditation you will experience many benefits of your health and wellness reaching peak potential. This will translate into your life through positive habits with your food consumption, exercise routines, and spiritual development.

Some of the benefits of operating at peak wellness potential can include:

  • Increased motivation and determination towards life
  • Improved endurance and ability to handle what is thrown at you
  • Maintaining a stronger focus on your goals each day
  • Builds a better self-image of yourself that you are proud and confident in
  • Cleanses and cures any emotional or physical impurities within you creating a happy feeling of wellness

It´s not working!

Have you been implementing this practice into your daily routine, 10 minutes a day, but are yet to experience any results? This is ok. This is normal in the beginning. There is a LOT to work through. You can also look through our Beginner´s Meditation Handbook to get useful insight and tips on keeping consistent and motivated in your meditation.

If you simply associate this meditation practice to a particular pain or illness that you are currently experiencing and wish for this practice to cure you of that in a week, then you will be hardpressed to be able to muster the courage and determination to continue the practice when this expectation falls short.

Be Patient

Patience! Trust in the practice. If a particular pain or illness is not receding you must remember that what you feel is a symptom of the issue. The root cause may not be something that you can experience, sensationally. Trust in the practice and allow the white light to work for you. Pledge to yourself that you will continue working even after the practice begins to work its positive effects on you.

Stay sincere in your practice and true to your purpose. Always be brimming with positivity no matter how hard it is. The harder it is to be positive, the more important it is to be positive. Keep working! The only way the white light meditation will not produce the results you are looking for is if you simply stop putting in the work.

This is more than just a practice or a leaflet in a book of something that you know about. Meditation is a way of life and when you adopt and utilize the different techniques available you will find that there is never a time in which to stop meditating. Your life is a meditation. Where you focus your energy, that is up to you!

The Light Stays Within You

Now we are here with a deeper understanding of how to properly utilize white light meditation into our daily lives. From here we can only expand! Remember, if you’re finding it hard to sit comfortably, a simple Buckwheat Meditation Cushion might be all you need. Continue this practice daily and focus careful attention on your breath. Allow the breath to carry and be the white light throughout your entire being. Through your physical, mental, and spiritual being.

Do this every day and you will see results! Please feel free to engage with the community in the comments below by sharing your experience or perhaps offering insight from your own experience to aid another student! Be Light and meditate well, my friends.

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  1. I was introduced to the White Light during a meditation. It was in a crystalline building. I knew it was pure energy, but I thought it was just for the spirits that were sitting in the pews. I didn’t know that I could use it until my husband was in Hospice years later. I visualized the White Light, and when I stepped into it I went into Spontaneous Movement, so then I knew it was the real thing, and I could use it. My husband was bedridden, the cancer had metastasized to his brain, and I was told he only had about 10 more days to live. He was having seizures, and I couldn’t bear for him not to even be able to sleep peacefully. So I grabbed his arm, and I went into the White Light and brought it out to him. The seizures stopped, he started eating again, got out of bed, started walking again, gaining weight. I could take him shopping with me..

    However the White Light didn’t come with instructions, and I didn’t realize I had to keep it up, and six months later the cancer in his brain came back with a vengeance, and I made arrangements with the Mayo Clinic to have his pacemaker turned off so he could did a natural death as he was losing his mind. Which he did a few days later. I wish I had known more. I wish I had seen this website.


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