Grounding Meditation: Get Connected

Grounding meditation is intended to be a simple practice that aids you in becoming more secure, confident, and connected to your person and the Earth from which we were borne. Being grounded is to be aware of your environment and your Self. It is to be comfortable and confident in your ability to navigate and thrive in this reality while maintaining a real connection to Mother Earth. Are you finding your life to be currently unstable and chaotic? Perhaps you are seeking balance in your life? Or perhaps you simply want to learn more about the different types of meditation techniques?

We will work through each element of grounding meditation so that you will have a complete understanding of the practice. You will be able to begin utilizing the practice right now and experiencing your Life becoming more synchronized, whole, and balanced as time flows on.

grounding meditation

What is Grounding Meditation?

Grounding meditation is a practice that brings our mental and spiritual awareness to a higher level. It also stimulates and nurtures the connection between our physical body and the frequencies of Mother Earth.

There is a walking meditation practice called Earthing where you are physically connecting to the elements of Mother Earth by walking upon her surface, barefoot. This a great practice to start with before sitting and practicing your grounding meditation.

There are a few different elements and techniques used to practice grounding meditation that we’ll discuss here.

Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is an extremely powerful tool to achieve the results in life you are looking for. Science has studied and ultimately come to the conclusion that your mind actually cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imaginary.

They determined this by scanning the brains of two volunteers and of course with a 3rd as the control group for the experiment. One individual was asked to complete a task (i.e play the piano) while the other was asked to simply imagine completing the task. The brain scan results of both individuals completing and imagining the task were the same while the control group produced completely different images.

This ¨flaw¨ in the mind becomes a very powerful phenomenon when utilized properly. When you visualize or imagine any sort of event your mind will then trigger the biological functions that relate to this. The adrenaline from fear and danger. Dopamine from pleasurable experiences. Seratonin, melatonin, dimethyltryptamine – everything! It all comes from the mind believing that this experience is happening and thus, it reacts.

Visualization is simply the act of imagining the reality you live in to be exactly as you wish it to be. It is so effective because when you visualize yourself being successful your mind will be forced to create a realistic and logical version of what YOU look like being successful. Then once you SEE it you can GET there. Do you see?

Once you learn this you will find that it is much more difficult to figure out what you want as opposed to how you´ll acquire it.

Concentration Meditation

Concentration meditation is a meditation technique that does just this. It will improve your concentration. The idea is to choose an object of focus that you pour all your energy into. It is similar to the Trataka meditation practice, also called “Yogic Gazing”, that is used by meditators. The practice involves gazing into the flame of the candle while allowing your mind to release any thoughts that arise.

As you focus your mind on the task at hand and disallow any thoughts to arise that would otherwise deter you from your task will naturally increase your level of concentration. It will transmute into the activities of your daily life as you see increased ease in maintaining your focus.

As we later walk through the steps of grounding meditation you will find that the ability to concentrate perpetually will make the results of the meditation much more noticeable.

Mindfulness Meditation

The mindfulness technique is when the meditator simply sits in meditation and allows his or her mind to be empty and clear. This means actively releasing any thoughts that occur. Any thought that the mind proposes is acknowledged and then simply let go of into the nether.

This practice is often combined with the basic breathing technique that meditation teachers will begin most students with. The intention is simply to observe your breath flowing in and out naturally while acknowledging but releasing any thoughts that arise. You can review deeper into this breathing technique by reviewing our Beginner’s Meditation Handbook that has everything outlined to get you started in meditation and stay consistent.

Items You May Desire to Acquire

In regards to meditation, there are no items that are mandatory to begin, but you may desire to acquire proper equipment to improve your comfort and intensify your commitment towards meditation. Reviewing our Useful Meditation Gear will give you insight into what you might consider in order to begin constructing your personal meditation space.

In regards to grounding meditation, and meditation in general, the most common items that you might acquire immediately for this practice would include:

These are definitely the most prominent items to consider. As you progress and evolve in your meditation practice you will find yourself naturally constructing your meditation space and acquiring the proper energetic items to maximize your potential within this space.

Benefits of Grounding Meditation

Grounding meditation brings the basic elements of mindfulness, concentration, and visualization meditation into play. Combining these 3 elements is essential to obtaining the benefits of grounding meditation while holding the intention in your heart to consciously connect your energy to the energy of Mother Earth.

Specific benefits will include:

  • Mindfulness meditation has been proven to reduce stress levels by essentially giving you the ability to not react and develop negative emotions and feelings towards a negative circumstance that occurs; this is referred to as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in the world of science or abbreviated as MSBR
  • This next benefit is hard to word properly… Essentially you will find yourself having a deeper spiritual understanding and connection with the world of physical matter around you. This sense of connection to the earth can be intensified through meditation on your Root Chakra, which you can learn this practice by utilizing our Guide to Your 7 Chakras
  • You´ll be calmer. Yep. You will. There´s not really much more to say. Except to maybe be a little more fanatical about it. YOU´LL BE MORE CALM! Haha, ironic. But seriously, you will have to practice daily to recognize it but over time you will find that you will react from a space of peaceful indifference as opposed to egotistical defiance.

How to Practice Grounding Meditation

Before you begin the grounding meditation practice, you will want to spend some time, maybe just 5 minutes, connecting with the earth and the spiritual energy of the Mother that is around you. This is similar to a shaman´s meditation where the shaman will sit in meditation for 10-20 minutes until they are totally calm and in a meditative state. This is done before they engage in the ancient practice of Spirit Walking to cross over into the spirit realms and begin their healing process.

Also, immersing yourself in nature has wonderous effects upon the mind and spirit. As John Burroughs said ¨I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put back in order.¨

You may also choose to follow along with this guided video to aid you in your first grounding meditation experience. In this video, the teacher uses the visualization of White Light Meditation as opposed to our written practice of having you visualize and become the trees and the mountains.

There is no right way to do it. I would simply practice in the way that resonates most strongly with you.

1.) Before you Begin: The First ¨Step¨

Before starting in the meditation it is good to bring yourself to a state of calm and peaceful relaxation. You can achieve this through the earthing method I spoke of earlier. Simply go on a walk where your feet are directly contacting the earth for 3-5 minutes. Don´t just walk on concrete! You need to connect with the earth.

While you are walking you should also practice the mindfulness technique of allowing your thoughts to come and go freely, without attachment. You may also prefer to just sit in meditation for 5-10 minutes practicing mindfulness meditation to reach that state of relaxation without walking.

2.) The Second First Step:

Now that you are in a calm, relaxed state – let us begin. Start by turning off any electronics that will only serve as a distraction during your practice. Then sit on the ground or in a chair and imagine yourself being firmly planted on the ground. Allow your roots to extend deep into the crust of the Earth.

Place your hands on your laps with your palms open and facing upwards. Having your palms in this way is considered the ¨giving and receiving¨ mudra. With your palms faced up, it will cause your shoulders to roll back and your eyes to face forward. Your cervical spine will rise upward and give you an ¨open¨ posture allowing both the mind and body to give and receive fully to the wisdom of the universe.

3.) Focus on Your Breathing

Now, with your eyes closed and your palms up begin to turn your attention towards your breath. Allow your breath to flow freely. Do not try to breathe in more or try to slow the flow of your breath. Just allow it to flow in and out naturally while you observe.

If you find your mind wandering away from your breath, do not worry! This is normal. Simply return your attention to your breath again. And again and again. You will find over time that the periods of time in which your mind is wandering will happen less and less as your concentration and focus improves.

4.) Begin Your Visualization

Next, let us dive into your visualization. The purpose of this visualization is to focus on elements of Mother Earth to foster and manifest a deeper connection and relationship with her. There are a couple of different methods to accomplish this!

4a.) The Trees!

Visualize yourself sitting on a tree trunk. Or – actually, do it! I used to have a meditation where I would enter into a village and sit on the edge of a cliff. It was much easier to feel and accomplish this when I was actually sitting on the edge of a cliff.

So, you are visualizing that you are sitting on a tree trunk. Now, focus on pouring your energy downwards and into the trunk of the tree. You are part of the tree now and you can feel yourself pouring into each root of the tree as it reaches deep inside the Earth.

Continue to imagine yourself reaching down deeper with the roots until the roots of the tree reach down to the Earth´s core. Allow any negativity, heartache, pain, fears, anxieties, and worries to all filter out of you and to rest with the core of the Earth. She will absorb and eradicate these energies and transmute them into love and peace as she rejuvenates the Whole.

Focus your energy upward. Feel the Earth´s energy coursing through you as you flow back up into your body upon the trunk. Rest here for a while.

4b.) and the Mountains!

The second method involves connecting with the guardians of our surface – the mountains! Visualize a mountain. Pay attention to the details. Is there snow on the cap? What kind of trees are in the area? Recognize its firm foundation, that she is unmoving, solid, and strong.

Bring the mountain inside yourself. Become the mountain as you feel the strong feelings of support and fortitude course through you. Allow yourself to sit calmly and observe the nature of the world around you. Seasons pass, storms come, and travelers make tracks upon your crust.  

Observe. And rest here awhile.

5.) Return

Whichever method you chose – whenever it is complete be sure to rest for a while. You have used much energy, both spiritual and mental, and it is good to allow your Self to rest and rejuvenate.

Allow the feelings of centeredness and connectedness to wash over and through you. Observe and appreciate. When you feel ready, allow your eyes to open. Start with moving your fingers and toes. Then your arms and legs. Next, your torso and neck and head. Bring your Self slowly back to movement and to the physical realm.

The shamans of some cultures recommend to eat food and drink water to help replenish the energy used after engaging in any form of deep meditation practice.

From the Ground to the Stars!

If you practice grounding meditation daily the practice will become more natural for you. Keep practicing! Learning and implementing this grounding practice will help remove limitations from yourself and remove the ceiling from your life! You will expand, you will grow, you will become more of what you are. You will be so high – you will be in the stars! Clever, huh?

Aha! But! Without trying to be clever I must say that I would implore you to consistently practice to achieve the proper results. It is also important to reiterate that acquiring equipment in the Useful Meditation Gear and building your meditation space will help you remain excited about the practice and give you a stronger foundation to work from.

I hope you enjoyed learning about grounding meditation! Please feel free to share your experiences with our community in the comments with questions, frustrations, guidance, or simply just to share! Enjoy! And meditate well, my friends.

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