Violet Flame Meditation: Your Higher Vibration

The Violet Flame meditation is the key to open the door into personal and global transmutation. The history of the violet flame tells stories of determined alchemists seeking the recipe of the philosopher’s stone. The legend of philosopher’s stone states that any metal would be turned to gold or silver and some believed it would even cure disease and prolong life. 

Violet flame meditation is a powerful tool that can be used in your life to transmute and eradicate dense negative energies. Have you been feeling heavy or stagnant energy in your life? Or perhaps feeling unfulfilled? You could even be simply seeking legitimate information on this less-known practice. I will cover this practice from all angles to give you a broad informational and practical grasp on the Violet Flame meditation so you can begin practicing immediately.

violet flame meditation

To practice violet flame meditation you are first going to choose your intention. The definition of intention is 1.) an aim or a plan; 2.) the healing process of a wound. Our ultimate goal may be as simple as being happy, to be at peace. Violet flame meditation will heal and transmute negative energies within you and it is your INTENTION that identifies and isolates these negative energies. Through the intention that you choose you are saying “I aim for this.” which is another way of saying “I am not for this.” which would be all the relating negative energies.

Next, you are going to spend 5-10 minutes doing mindfulness meditation to calm your mind and bring you to an open, meditative state. You will then begin visualizing a white light that you will transmute to a violet flame. You will then begin sending the flame out to the universe with your intention as the fuel behind it. The violet flame is an ancient, biblical concept that has bordered on the lines of magic as seekers, wanderers, yogi, and magi all seek to bring the violet flame to life, inside of them and out. 

The Origin of the Violet Flame

The violet flame is said to originate from biblical times when Moses witnessed the burning bush. The burning bush was not consumed by the flames. In science, the color violet sits on the very edge of the color spectrum as the 7th ray of color, where the next color would be a new octave of colors. 

Similar to music where you would go up 1 whole octave and it is the same note (i.e the note A or something) but it is a different ¨octave¨ which is ultimately the same frequency of vibration but the vibration itself is different, creating a different sound. Or color in this case!

The easiest way to define an octave is to say it is a group of elements with key similarities that the next 8 share, but ultimately produce a different result because of other anomalies. Honestly, understanding the octaves of sound and light is a whole scientific realm you can dive into if you´re interested in fully understanding it.

In regards to the violet flame meditation, the practice of setting positive intention then fully and spiritually becoming that intention and sharing it into the Universe is the space that we will mostly stay in. But! Understanding where the practice comes from and the spiritual and broad cultural aspects of the violet flame through differing practices and religions can be very beneficial towards feeding a positive and productive practice. 

Digging Deeper

To delve deeper into the violet flame meditation practice means be uncovering facts about Saint Germain. To learn who Saint Germain is will bring you deep into a world of immortality, jewels and gems, the splendors of Love, and the esoteric elements of what we might call magic in our world. 

Saint Germain is said by different sources of information to be related to the violet flame meditation and essentially the father of it. In a way, this might be true. It would be most true to say that he was a seeker and seemingly founder, of the Philosopher´s stone. Trust me, though, the information about this particular man is very obscure.

It would also be more true to say that he is historically an obscure, esoteric man with accounts of appearing throughout time from the early 18th century (1700) up to the 1970s and always appearing to be about 45 years of age. 

Moving Forward

To move back into understanding the characteristics of the violet flame, we´ll talk about the spiritual characteristics of the color of purple. Purple has been a symbol for many different elements of our lives throughout history. The most widely known was that it was symbolized for royalty and is also represented in the Christian bible as such. 

Purple representing royalty stems from the literal rarity and cost of the dye to produce it. This could be said to be the first time that purple began to symbolize holy and spiritual meanings, as emperors and royalty were often considered as gods or demi-gods. 

In Buddhism, the color is represented as mystical healing energy where they utilize this energy through working with gems with a purple color, such as amethysts. The Hindus believe purple to help foster and manifest a feeling of peace within you. 

Cleansing Past Lives

The divine light of the Violet Flame meditation is said to hold divine energy that is used to clear out karma from trauma and stagnant energy held on to by past lives. The word karma literally translates from Sanskrit to the English word ¨action” but has gained other spiritual connotations and uses within Asian spirituality. 

Karma is said to work as a large circle. It is said that how you treat others, and the energy you send them is how you are treating yourself. Through the violet flame meditation, you will burn away old traumas and fill those energy spots with fresh karma of sending divine, healing energy out to all the beings within our universe. 

Also, through the Law of Attraction if we are feeling any of these negative energies that we have sent out to ourselves it will only be perpetuated if we continue to react negatively to these feelings. As the Dalai Lama says in regards to Chinese assassin´s wishing to take his life ¨I simply take in all of their hate and negativity and I return it as positive, loving energy to all of them.¨ 

How Healing Occurs with the Violet Flame 

Similar to practicing White Light meditation, the Violet Flame meditation utilizes the energy of the divine white light to course through each atom of your being. This process discharges any negative and stagnant energy that is being held on to. When you focus and channel the Violet Flame through your entity you will awaken the spark of divinity within each electron that creates You. 

As you consistently practice and learn to relate the Violet Flame to infinite love, purity, freedom, and forgiveness you will then see it begin to raise your vibration. As you feel this and begin sending this energy out into the universe you will begin to feel the vibrations of your environment lifting with you. 

Opening Your Heart Chakra for Healing

Forgiveness can be an effective intention to hold onto within your heart in order to amplify the effects of the Violet Flame meditation. You can direct the forgiveness towards yourself, a situation, or other people that may be involved. 

As you begin any sort of healing process it is always good to first start with focusing on your heart chakra. There are 7 different chakras in your spiritual network (there are more as you dig deeper) and activating and opening each one will bring you different realizations and benefits into your life. 

The heart chakra is where all of our emotions are felt and integrates both the masculine and feminine energies of us into one. Your heart chakra can become blocked due to trauma in your life or emotional pain that you have felt. As humans, we naturally tend to avoid pain and chase after good feelings. Doing this unconsciously can result in shutting down your heart chakra as you chase ways to not feel the pain anymore. 

How to Open Your Heart Chakra

To unlock and activate our heart chakras we will want to first sit and start with basic meditation. Here you will sit in a standard pose that is comfortable to you while we focus in and work on our hearts. If you are unfamiliar with where to start in your meditation, don´t worry! You can check out our Beginner´s Meditation Handbook to get you up to speed and begin meditating daily. 

If you are still working on setting up your meditation space then also feel free to utilize our guide on Useful Meditation Gear to help you personalize and activate your space. 

As you sit for meditation you will then focus on the space where your heart is. Here you will want to take time to acknowledge any pain that you feel. Feel all the Love and Forgiveness pour into and fill the spaces of your heart. Surrender and let go of all that which no longer serves you and allow the Divine to take over in order to purify and cleanse your wounds of old. 

Simply allow the energy to flow. You may wish to stay here longer, but 5 minutes before engaging in the Violet Flame practice should suffice. 

As You Evolve

As you grow and heal it is important not to become discouraged. You may feel as if you are practicing but negativity is continuing to show up in your life. This is your old karma and old wounds surfacing as you heal deeper and deeper still. Do not allow the effects of healing and purifying your wounds to discourage you from continuing your practice. 

As you dive deeper and deeper into your heart you will find the negative energy that is being cleansed and purified will need to be expelled somewhere. This will result in you potentially witnessing and experiencing this negativity in some way. 

If you again react negatively you will re-generate the negative impression, upon your heart which will then again need to be healed creating an infinite vicious cycle. These impressions are called Sanskaras in Buddhist philosophy, and you can generate positive or negative sanskaras from essentially doing good or bad actions.

It is important to respond positively and with love to the negative occurrences that may be happening around you. This will infuse yourself and your environment with bright and positive energy.

Having Trouble with the Negative Situations?

Meditation will help with managing the negative situations that occur within your life. Maintaining proper mindfulness within your life will allow you to be conscious and aware of how you want to react in any given situation to be able to produce the result that you want. 

Negativity arises from us focusing on what we don´t want, which is a form of resistance. Positivity results in us focusing on what we do want, which is a form of action. 

The most important thing to ask in a negative situation is ¨What do I want in this situation?¨ You will shift your focus from what you are resisting to what you can do about it. If you find there is nothing that you can do about it, then there is no point in worrying about it. 

Practicing the Violet Flame Meditation

In practicing the Violet Flame meditation I will walk you through each individual step. I will provide you with the Violet Flame affirmations and decrees that are commonly used in amplifying and delivering the violet flame to complete your practice. It is also worth mentioning that you may repeat these affirmations and decrees for as many times as you feel necessary.

You may also watch this video to be audibly guided through your first Violet Flame meditation experience: 

Set Your Intention

To begin in your practice of the Violet Flame meditation you will first want to choose your intention for your practice. You can set the intention to be healthier, to be happier, or whatever is most relevant to you. It may even be more global, as in meditating on world peace. 

This is where it is good to have your meditation space ready so you will have a quiet place to be and you will be undisturbed. You may even wish to acquire pictures or items that are related to your intention. If you intend to be healthier, perhaps something as literal as eating a smoothie before meditation can be effective. 


Now you will begin developing a sense of oneness with reality by chanting Om. From a yogic perspective there is a deep connection between the words we utter and the prana, or life energy, that is carried out on our breath. 

Yogic teachers in India and also citizens of the sacred country have told me that Om is the sound of the universe. It is the sound that the universe creates.

While sitting in your preferred meditation posture begin chanting: 


Allow the sound of Om to last as long as your breath can make it before taking another breath and starting the Om sound again. Continue this chanting until you feel a sense of peace, clarity, and unity. It is a subtle shift, a subtle feeling – so do not spend all your time searching for this feeling and forgetting to create the feeling. 

Now, you will begin shifting all of your attention and focus into a finite point within your heart. Feed all of your love and focus into this space. 

Creating the Flame

Next, you will begin to visualize and manifest the divine white light within your heart space. You will seek to envision a sphere of radiant white fire that is existing at the center of your heart. As you breathe deeper you will find the flames of the light grow larger and brighter. With each breath, the flame becomes more vibrant. More radiant. 

Allow the flame to grow larger and larger until it is fully embodying you. The aura of the flame is surrounding and throughout your entire being. It flows out the top of your crown, the tips of your fingers, and through the soles of your feet and beneath you. 

Transform into the Violet Flame

You will now begin repeating out loud the decree of the violet flame. This will assist you in transforming the white light around and throughout you into the Violet Flame. 

Visualize the flames of light surrounding you turning to violet. Imagine a tiny violet flame at the center of your heart begin to expand and grow into the white light. 

Repeat the decree of the Violet Flame aloud 3 times:

I AM the Violet Flame
In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
To Light alone, I bow

I AM the Violet Flame
In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
Shining every hour

I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power
Freeing every one

Send Your Flame to Others

You will now begin to send your Violet Flame to others and allow the purities of your healing intention to course through the universe. You may do this whether the intention you set was intended to overcome a personal obstacle or a global/social crisis.

As you shift your attention towards sending the Violet Flame outwards you may continue to repeat the decree as your words carry the prana of your pure intention throughout the strands of the space and time of our universe. 

Focus Your Flame 

You will now direct the Violet Flame into the external conditions that are relevant towards the wound or negative energy you are working to heal with your practice. Perhaps you are angry towards a certain person or wish to make a certain situation better. You may wish to hold a physical image of the person that you are forgiving, or a picture relevant to the global or social situation you are meditating on. 

You may also simply visualize these things if you prefer. 

Next, you will repeat the Violet Flame Meditation decree of Saint Germaine. Repeat these affirmations as you hold the physical image or the image in your mind:

I AM the light of the heart
Shining in the darkness of being 
And changing all into the golden treasury 
Of the mind of Christ.

I am projecting my love
Out into the world 
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.

I AM the power of infinite love,
Amplifying itself 
Until it is victorious 
World without end!

If your eyes are open you will see the violet flame coursing through your arms and hands and into the conditional items that you are holding. You may have your eyes closed and you will still see the violet flame coursing into the image that you are holding within your mind. Allow all of your love and forgiveness to purify and cleanse the negative energy from your life. 

Close Your Meditation

You will now close out your Violet Flame meditation. As with the previous affirmations and decrees, we will use a decree that is commonly used within the Violet Flame meditation practice: 

O God, let the light invoked through this meditation be for the blessing and healing of my family, my friends and all those in need throughout the world. I ask that this reservoir of light saturate the earth and transmute all conditions that stand in the way of a new day of peace and love manifesting upon this planet.


As the Flame dies out…

Now that we’ve successfully completed our Violet Flame meditation and we’ve closed out our flame we may move back into our daily life. Do this calmly and slowly. Return and continue this practice and if you maintain the same intention you will begin to notice results. Do not force or search for the results! There is something to be said about allowing the universe the time to do what needs to be done. 

Love, forgive and heal at the highest vibrational level. Repeat these affirmations and decrees multiple times while meditating. Please feel free to share with us what you have experienced or any questions that may arise during your practice! Be happy and meditate well, my friends.

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