The 5 Best Meditation Coloring Books

In today´s hectic day to day life, you may be looking to settle in with the best meditation coloring book you can find and just color the time away. There are many perks that coloring offers you that will also synchronize well with your meditation! I will guide you through understanding these benefits so you can get the most out of your new meditation coloring book.

ProductOur RatingBest For
Stress Relieving Animal Designs4.8 / 5Best Overall
Stress Relief Coloring Book 4.4 / 5 Budget Friendly
Good Vibes Coloring Book 4.8 / 5 Editors Pick
Balance (Angie’s Extreme Stress Menders) 4.6 / 5 Alternative #1
Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns 4.4 / 5 Alternative #2

Why You Should Color

For a couple of years, adult coloring books were becoming all the rage. People everywhere were recognizing the practice of coloring to be very therapeutic and ultimately, mindful. It allowed them to focus on something bright and colorful and disconnect from their technology-driven lives.

In 2015 and 2016 people were buying up coloring books like crazy. Then in 2017, it died. It is interesting that it simply became a social trend in recent history. We have generally accepted that coloring is a kid’s activity that adults generally don’t take part in.

However, coloring books were originally created for adults during the 1600s in the name of learning. By the 18th century, coloring books became more popular and were generally reserved for the wealthy who could afford ¨fancy¨ coloring books, if you will.

How Colors Affect You

As a human, our eyes see colors and our brain translates the visual image into a sensory stimulation. Suddenly, these colors we see invoke emotions within us like love, anxiety, fear, excitement, and many others.

Studies have been done to show how colors are affecting us in circumstantial scenarios. It´s been found that our memory is more receptive and can recall colors more often than words and terminology. We have found that colors also affect how we feel and even what we purchase and consume.

Each color is said to induce a different emotion within you based on how your brain interprets it. The colors are generalized in their effects on a person, so you may very well experience different feelings with different colors depending on your life experience.

Black can represent unhappiness or power. Blue, the world´s favorite (but rarest) color, inspires feelings of productivity and calmness or it may alternatively invoke feelings of sadness. Yellow tends to bring energy and call for attention, while red can be passion and anger, and purple reminds you of royalty.

Understanding how each of these colors can affect you will give you a broader perspective on your coloring experience. Although it is not necessary to begin your meditative coloring, it will certainly add to creating a dynamic experience!

Benefits of Meditative Coloring

To color something you must be present within your environment and the current moment. You then choose the colors you wish to express upon your reality and begin small repetitive actions as you watch the image from your mind come to life before you.

The art of this practice in itself brings about many of the same benefits that meditation brings you. This is why coloring books have been infused with the idea of meditation through chakras, mandalas, fractals, and other unique designs.

Creation in itself forces you to be mindful in order to create. When you spend time coloring you spend more conscious energy towards creating and less towards consuming. This is one among many benefits that creating brings like relieving stress, stretching your mind, and simply inspiring you.

Colorful Travels

Another great boon of your meditation coloring books, as well as any of your favorite meditation books, is that they are super easy to take with you! Sometimes we find ourselves in environments where we are unable to meditate effectively, like when we are traveling on an airplane. Coloring and reading provide a great alternative to the usual visual stimulation options we find ourselves offered.

Being able to travel with your meditation gear like your meditation blanket and your meditation cushion will help you remain mindful and diligent in your practice even during your travels. The weariness and excitement of traveling may leave you wanting to shirk on your practice but this is the most important time to remain vigilant!

Traveling is full of stimulation and constantly new and exciting experiences. Maintaining your meditation practice will help you remain centered during your trip and in your practice overall. Coloring can help you transition from the exciting stimulations of life and travel back into your calm and meditative state of mind.

Explaining Meditative Art

Meditative coloring, or art, is defined separately from industrial art because it is not concerned about the finished product. When you are creating art with the intention of entering a meditative state you discard the sense of finishing the product or the ego´s sense of ¨I” and you will instead exist solely in the space of creation.

¨I am creating this art.¨

We find ourselves thinking this and signing our name on the creation at the end of it. In meditative art, as we learn to let go of the ego´s sense of ¨I¨ we will soon after allow ourselves to serve as a conduit to the source of creation, of Life.

Essentially, when you are coloring or creating you will be ultimately present in the current moment. Modern neuroscience has shown how art psychologically affects our brains and stimulates us into a higher state of consciousness.

Although not always duly appreciated, art has always been a part of our society throughout time. It is only now that we are finding out as a collective that art holds the most value for the creator. So keep going! Create create create!

Best Meditation Coloring Books

best meditation coloring book

Here we will cover the best meditation coloring books that are available today! These books are designed to help relieve stress from your day to day life and offer a variety of different genres.

Many meditation oriented coloring books will feature intricate designs that can keep you calmly coloring for hours on end. It may be a good idea to add a meditation timer to your arsenal of meditation gear so you can keep to your schedule!

With your new meditation coloring book, you will soon find yourself lost within the colors of soothing mandalas and patterns to bringing life into a roaring lion or a fish splashing in the light of the midday´s sun.

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs features a myriad of different animal designs for you to color. They have lions, tigers, dogs, cats, birds, fish and more; totaling over 60 different animal designs.

All of the designs are single sides so you don’t have to worry about anything bleeding through the paper. You can color as dark as you want and even use gel pens! The book itself consists of heavy-weight artist grade paper to give you the sturdiest platform to work from.

The designs are intended to bring hours of creative expression and stress relief. People who have purchased this book have been creating amazing artwork using gel pens or fine tipped markers in this book. Some pieces of the designs are extremely small in which case it might be a good idea to use a colored pencil in those spots. This book can be a challenge!

The only downside to the book that customers have found is that the edges of the paper are not perforated. This makes the pages difficult to remove if you wish to. You can always make a photocopy of the page to have a loose page though. It might be a good idea to have a backup, anyways!


  • Variety of over 60 different relaxing animal designs to color
  • Single sided prints to eliminate the worry of bleed through
  • Heavy-weight artistic grade paper


  • Paper is not perforated to remove designs easily

Balance: Angie´s Extreme Stress Menders

In the coloring book Balance: Angie´s Extreme Stress Menders you will find 50 beautiful circular designs that bring you to a calm state of mind. It works well with fine-tipped markers or colored pencils depending on what you prefer. Each design is printed on one side of the paper as well to prevent bleed through.

The book features intricate and whimsical designs that grab and hold your consciousness in a deep meditative flow. You will easily find yourself lost in these designs as your chosen colors begin to merge with the black and white lines.

Customers have been finding themselves truly calmed while coloring this book – amazing, huh? The reality is that the designs in this book shape out like a mandala and even with very little, if any, creative expertise you will soon be creating popping and vibrant artwork.

The designs of the book also feature smaller spaces that can be challenging to color accurately. Also, the pages aren’t perforated! So you won’t be able to pull the pages out of this book either unless you get tricky with a pair of scissors.


  • Intricate mandala designs to induce a calm state of mind
  • Requires little to no artistic expertise to fully enjoy
  • Single-sided prints to eliminate the worry of bleed through


  • Pages are not perforated to remove designs easily

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns comes in with another big hit in the meditation coloring books. The book comes with 48 unique and intricate patterns for you to color. There is no specific goal to the pictures, just pretty patterns, and designs to spend hours and hours splashing with all the different colors.

The book is also using heavy-weight artistic grade paper with each print being on only one side of the page to eliminate worries of bleed through. This opens you up to any gel pens, markers, or even paints you want to use!

As with the others, the pages are not perforated here either. It can be nice to be able to take the pages out and apply it onto a flat surface so it might be a good idea to get the scissors ready for this one, too. Otherwise, customers have been finding this coloring book to consume them endlessly as they color away.

It makes a great meditation gift, too!


  • 48 unique and intricate patterns to color
  • Endless designs intended to softly engage your creative right brain
  • Single sided prints to eliminate the worry of bleed through
  • Heavy-weight artistic grade paper


  • Pages are not perforated to remove designs easily

Adult Coloring Book Designs: Stress Relief Coloring Book

The Adult Coloring Book Designs: Stress Relief Coloring Book is a book with a different set of 48 unique designs to color. It features a variety of designs that include garden designs, animals, mandalas, and different paisley patterns.

The variety of designs create a plethora of options that are set for people of any skill level. The flow of the book and each page is meant to calm you and inspire your creativity. The book has each design printed on its own page so you are free to choose between using the different options of coloring utensils you have available.

Customers have been loving this coloring book but are again disappointed at the lack of perforation on the pages. People are otherwise happy with the uniqueness and variance of designs they have available throughout the book.


  • 48 different designs of garden designs, animals, mandalas, and paisley patterns
  • Great for artists of any skill level
  • Designs are printed on a single page to eliminate the worry of bleed through


  • Pages are not perforated for easy design removal

Good Vibes Coloring Book

The Good Vibes Coloring Book is a coloring book designed to take you to your special happy place. You get to go through coloring 30 different unique patterns that are created to inspire and motivate you!

This guide is ultra-beginner friendly and has a guide to basic art techniques included in the book. The guide teaches you the fundamentals of techniques like patterning, shading, and even color theory! The book even has completed examples to give you inspiration in completing your own creations.

The designs are printed on high-quality, extra-thick paper that will withstand all your gel pens and markers that you have. The pages are even perforated so you can remove them easily and display them! More importantly, you can remove it and color it on a flat surface without the rest of the book being in the way.


  • 30 unique patterns created to help you relax in your happy place
  • Ultra beginner friendly
  • Includes tutorial on patterning, shading, and color theory
  • Designs are printed on a single page to eliminate the worry of bleed through
  • Perforated pages for easy removal of designs


  • No particular cons for this product

Color Me Zen

With the best meditation coloring book moving its way closer into your life you are that much closer to an artistic meditative experience. You are now ready to find the right coloring book with your newly acquired deeper understanding of where coloring books come from and how coloring and creating art can positively affect you.

It is all about the journey – not the destination. We are creating – infinitely! So grab those colored pencils and gel pens and color your spirit calm.

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